Tips to Plan Your 30A Beach Wedding

30A is full of royal destinations perfect for a stunning beach wedding. Picturing an intimate affair just for two or prefer a special occasion, bursting with friends and family? Whether you have a simple ceremony or a fully inclusive, top-to-bottom wedding in mind, dreams become reality on the Gulf Coast. Here are our top tips to make your 30A beach wedding a sandy success.

Discover our list of top tips to plan your 30A beach wedding. Learn how to make your beach wedding a picture-perfect, sandy success.

June 3, 2019

30A is full of royal destinations perfect for a stunning beach wedding. Picturing an intimate affair just for two or prefer a special occasion, bursting with friends and family? Whether you have a simple ceremony or a fully inclusive, top-to-bottom wedding in mind, dreams become reality on the Gulf Coast. But planning a wedding is never easy. Creating the wedding of your dreams can be a challenge, especially when you’re battling with nature and the elements. Here are our top tips to make your 30A beach wedding a sandy success:

Dress for the Occasion

Not all dresses are suitable for a beach wedding. Navigating sandy beaches in a princess-style ballroom gown is a no-go. Think light and movement-friendly for your exclusive 30A beach wedding. The last thing you want to worry about is fussing with your dress. Picking a lighter fabric ensures your own ease of movement but also gives your dress a flowy, breezy feel as it moves in the wind. Opt for a fabric with flow like chiffon or charmeuse.

For your Gulf Coast wedding, practicality and comfort are essential. Dragging a long train around is impractical. Even dresses with lace trim can work against you, capturing sand and collecting beach debris. Think twice about a veil. You’re guaranteed to have some wind, even if you’re lucky enough to get a mostly non-windy wedding day. The constant adjustments and struggle with a long veil in the wind makes a mess of photos. Consider adding accessories to your hair instead.

Hire the Right Team

Weddings are stressful — and more stressful when you’re doing it alone. Even with a supportive family and friends, having a wedding planner is a big help. Local wedding coordinators offer a range of beach wedding packages and can also create a custom package based on your vision, budget and goals. Some 30A wedding services and packages even include a DJ, wedding cake, photography and more.

Reliable, trustworthy vendors help your special day unfold without unexpected problems and unwanted surprises. Hire an audio company or DJ with beach wedding experience. With wind and background noise, it’s easy for your ceremony and vows to be drowned out by the ambiance. Get good audio and do a sound check before the big day begins. Consider renting a microphone with a windscreen cover. Skip the super long ceremony and vows. Keep it short so your guests aren’t stuck in the heat too long.

Photos You’ll Treasure

Wind. Heat. Your royal destination wedding is a battle with the elements. But it’s all worth it for those gorgeous beach-side wedding photos. Photographers well-acquainted with beach occasions give their best tips on how to get the picture-perfect wedding photos you’ll treasure forever. First, consider an updo to keep your hair looking fresh and polished all night. If an updo is not an option, consider hiring a stylist who can do touch-ups throughout the night.

Beyond wind-friendly hairstyles, photographers suggest avoiding tan lines on your big day. That tip is not just for you, the bride-to-be, but also for your bridesmaids. Keep your outfit in mind before you go seeking the sun. Unsightly tan lines can be distracting in photos. Use a waterproof sunscreen in the weeks leading up to the wedding to ensure a sunburn and tan line free look.

Keep your decorations and cake looking fresh for photos. Prepare your décor for wind. Weight down any loose objects like programs so they don’t go soaring. Pick a cake that isn’t prone to melting in the heat. Buttercream can liquefy under the sun and cream cheese fillings spoil. Ask your cake decorator what their professional recommendation is and how long your cake can sit out. Fondant is a popular alternative. While it will sweat in the heat, it often holds up better than some other options.

Details, Details

A couple more tips:

· Don’t forget your permit. Many beaches require a permit to do your ceremony on the beach. Be sure to do your research beforehand.

· 30A beaches can be crowded on holiday weekends and during the summer. Not all beaches are private. Plan accordingly if you want seclusion and privacy.

· Have a backup plan. The weather is unpredictable.

· Don’t forget your guests. Set up a shoe check spot for guests to leave their shoes and trade out for flip-flops. Remind guests to bring umbrellas, sunglasses or hats. Or set up a station with complimentary beach protective gear like sunglasses, sunscreen and bug spray.

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