Summer Vacation on 30A

There’s nothing like summer vacation on 30A. Whether you’re staying in Rosemary Beach, Destin, WaterColor, Grayton Beach or any of our beautiful 30A beach towns, you’re in for a real treat. Excellent food, stunning beaches and good times await you. Today we’re going to cover the basics for your 30A summer vacay like planning and packing, booking a 30A rental vacation home and what to do on 30A.

Learn how to pack and plan your 30A summer vacation. Discover the things to look for when booking a 30A vacation rental home and things to do on 30A during the summer.

June 24, 2021

There’s nothing like summer vacation on 30A. Whether you’re staying in Rosemary Beach, Destin, WaterColor, Grayton Beach or any of our beautiful 30A beach towns, you’re in for a real treat. Excellent food, stunning beaches and good times await you. Today we’re going to cover the basics for your 30A summer vacay like planning and packing, booking a 30A rental vacation home and what to do on 30A.

Ingredients for the perfect 30A summer vacation:

1.     Plan and Pack

Plan early! Book in advance. Because the summer months are the most popular time of the year to visit, getting a head start on planning is essential. Book your 30A vacation home a few months in advance or your ideal property may not be available at all. In fact, some of our most popular vacation homes in Rosemary Beach, Seaside and more are booked over a year in advance! Don’t take your chances betting on a last minute guest cancellation to squeeze in a 30A beach vacation—get your ideal dates reserved ahead of time so you can make plans to take advantage of all the fun things to do in the 30A area.

Wondering what to pack for your 30A vacay? We suggest packing for play. Make sure you cover the basics like beach clothes, good swimsuits, sunglasses, comfy sandals (avoid flip flops if you plan on riding bikes), beach toys (shovels, sand castles, a ball to toss, boogie boards, etc.), sun screen, wide brimmed beach hats, etc. But here are some things you may not have thought of: a waterproof speaker to play your favorite beach tunes while you lay out surfside, pool noodles or inflatables to keep you afloat without the effort (they even have inflatable beer holders so you can swim with your favorites drinks. Just remember: no glass on the beach), a cooler for drinks so you can stay hydrated in the hot Florida sun and a collapsible beach wagon for hauling it all easily. Many of our 30A vacation rental homes include a beach wagon for ease of use.

2.     30A Rental Homes

When you’re planning a 30A vacation, one of the first items on your list is finding a place to stay. With boutique hotels, cozy seaside cottages and numerous charming beachside communities, there are so many options and ways to stay on 30A. But with some homes booking over a year in advance, summer rentals are a hot commodity. There’s a reason 30A cottages and luxury homes are such popular pick. Here are some things to consider when choosing your 30A rental home:

·       Location: We offer a range of different options depending on the amount of guests, location, price and more. Bring your pets to one of our pet friendly 30A vacation homes, snag a cozy, romantic bungalow for two or get a big home right on the beach, perfect for the whole family. Take into consideration location. Locals and tourists alike enjoy biking as a mode of transportation in the area but you don’t want to be too far away from the places you’re planning to visit.

·       Price. For some visitors, having a 30A rental home right on the beach is a non-negotiable. But, if you’re looking to save some money, consider one of our homes that, while not directly on the beach, offer a free beach tram service throughout the summer. You’ll enjoy quick, convenient beach access without a heavy price tag. You may also find that weekday stays are more affordable than weekends.

3.     Fun Things to do this Summer on 30A

30A is one of the best places in Florida to go for a family vacation. Here are some of our favorite family activities along 30A:

·       Beaches. If you come to 30A, you know the secret: we’ve got the best beaches ever! Setting aside enough beach time is essential for your family summer vacation. While the kids may not want to lay out sun bathing, they may enjoy one of the many popular beach activities like building sandcastles, tossing a ball or boogie boarding.

·       Biking. More than just a fun family activity, biking is the most popular form of transportation in the area and the best way to get around. 30A bike rental companies make it easy to find the right setup for your family, whether you’re looking to ride tandem or need a special place for the little ones to ride. Be sure to book in advance as special outfits can go quickly.

·       Baytowne Adventure Zone is a favorite for kids. Here they combine exercise, fun and adventure into something unique your children will look forward to. This is the place to bounce, climb, zip line and navigate various rope courses. There are four bungee trampolines for the kids to catch some air, do some flips and get their energy out. It’s in an area with lots of shops and restaurants so it’s really a one-stop day of things for everyone to enjoy.

·       Outdoor Movie Night in Seaside. Check the movie schedule online as movies and dates vary.

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