June on 30A

June is a spectacular time of year along scenic route 30A. If you’re reading this you’ve most likely already booked your stay, so we’ve compiled a list of things to consider while vacationing here during this month. It is a busy time, but not as hectic as Fall or Spring Break when mainly families are travelling together.

Discover all there is to do this summer along scenic route 30A; beach communities, state parks, family activities and more!

May 29, 2022

June is a spectacular time of year along scenic route 30A. If you’re reading this you’ve most likely already booked your stay, so we’ve compiled a list of things to consider while vacationing here during this month. It is a busy time, but not as hectic as Fall or Spring Break when mainly families are travelling together. 30A in June ushers in summer like no other region in the nation, and with its award-winning beaches, state parks, dunes, unique wildlife, seaside villages, local fare, art and culture and outdoor activities, you’ll find your days filled with that perfect balance between rest and relaxation and adventure and wonder!

Beach Communities

There are 16 beach communities along Scenic Highway 30A, each with its own charm and beauty. No matter which community you’re staying in, you’ll won’t have to drive far along the 18-mile meandering coastal two-lane highway, to experience the what distinguishes these beaches from other Florida beaches. Most people know to expect the fine sugar white beaches, and emerald-colored waters but also equally impressive are the rare coastal dune lakes and delicate ecosystems that define the natural beauty surrounding it. The beaches and dune lake areas can get very crowded in June, especially between the hours of 10 -2 pm so consider visiting during off peak hours. Head over to the beach late afternoon, pack a dinner and drinks and watch the sun set. And better yet, to avoid traffic and hard-to-find parking, rent a bike for a perfect stress-free 30A beach experience.  

State Parks

A June vacation in 30A is not complete without a visit to one of the area’s state parks. With over 161 state parks including 100 miles of beaches and 1,500 miles of multi-use trails, scenic 30A boasts one of the most heavily used park systems in the nation. And things start to ramp up this month with a full schedule of recreational activities such as hiking, cycling, boating, fishing, parasailing, kayaking, swimming, diving, and wildlife-watching, to mention just a few. Many parks fill to capacity on weekends and holidays, so make sure to plan ahead. It’s a good idea to check park hours, parking costs, and campsite registrations before arriving. If the park is full, you won’t be allowed to enter. Consider paying before you go by purchasing a one-day pass prior to your visit.  

Special Events

During June, you’ll find no shortage of all sorts of events along scenic road 30A. Live music, arts and culture festivals, outdoor exhibits and more top the list, drawing crowds of all ages over the summer months. Farmers’ markets, like the Grand Boulevard Farmer’s Market at Miramar, are in full swing during this time as well as offering an array of local produce, arts and crafts, street entertainment and food trucks. Other highlighted events occurring in this month include the Rosemary Beach Sculpture Exhibit, guided nature walks at Camp Helen State Park, the Digital Graffiti art projection festival at Alys Beach, and the Gulf Coast Plan Jam in Panama Beach. Plan ahead and check local listings for June events!

Family Activities

In June, you won’t have any trouble pleasing the younger ones in your family. Although most of the beach communities along 30A will have daily activities you can enjoy together, Rosemary Beach is one of the area’s most kid-friendly communities and a one-stop destination the best family-oriented events like magic shows, theater, concerts, face painting, sandcastle building, and more. Here you can spend the day at the beach, learn to paddleboard, then visit the main shopping area and buy your kids a few souvenirs. On a rainy day, you can visit the Man in the Sea Museum and learn about the history of diving and even climb inside a submarine. You can also hop over to nearby Alys Beach and visit Charlie’s Donut Truck where you can try one of their mouthwatering 1920s style hand-rolled donuts. Your kids will love you for it! Whether you’re travelling solo or with family, LovetoStay30A can customize your summer vacation stay and experience including all of the great summer activities listed here. Let us help you plan and book your most memorable summer vacation yet!

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