Is Fall a Good Time to Visit 30A?

There’s no doubt that summer is the most popular time of year to visit the 30A area. But does that mean it’s the best time of year for a Florida beach vacation? Not necessarily… we absolutely love 30A in the fall and today we’re going to share why. If you’re ready to learn the many things there are to love about fall on the west coast of Florida, keep reading!

Learn why fall is the best time to visit the 30A area. Make your Florida beach vacation budget stretch further, avoid crowds and more -- learn more here.

August 26, 2021

There’s no doubt that summer is the most popular time of year to visit the 30A area. But does that mean it’s the best time of year for a Florida beach vacation? Not necessarily… we absolutely love 30A in the fall and today we’re going to share why. If you’re ready to learn the many things there are to love about fall on the west coast of Florida, keep reading!

1. Amazing Weather

They call it the Sunshine State for good reason. We have sunny, temperate weather the majority of the year. In fact, summer has more rainstorms and surprise thunderstorms than the fall. 30A fall weather is stunning, perfect for lying out on the beach without risking heat stroke. There’s less humidity. The water is still warm enough to swim, especially if you’re escaping the wintery, snowy north. The nights are cool and perfect for a relaxing beach bonfire. The best bonus: fall sunsets are even more vivid and spectacular than the rest of the year.

2. Outdoor Fun

If you enjoy outdoors sports and activities, fall and winter are the most pleasant times of year. Kayaking, beach volleyball and paddleboarding are some popular activities here. Paddleboarding is fantastic this time of the year because the water is warm enough for when you fall in (it happens a lot when you’re starting out) and there’s a cool breeze keeping you feeling refreshed as you get active. Give it a try on your 30A vacay. There are many rental companies in the area where you can secure a paddleboard, kayak or bicycle to travel in style.

Bike down a trail or take a trip through town. Go hiking along the sand dunes. Enjoy patio dining at your favorite local restaurants or grill out on the porch. Some beaches allow you to do beach bonfires which are the perfect opportunity for roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Pick up a pumpkin and do some carving. Spend the day browsing the unique seaside boutiques and local shops in town. You can enjoy all the same summertime fun during the Fall and more!

3. Budget-Friendly

If you’re looking to stretch your vacation budget further, fall rates are more affordable. All the adorable 30A cottages are at their best prices of the year during the fall. And, if you’re into camping, fall and winter are really the only time a year to visit and stay comfortably without oppressive heat.

4. Less Busy

Visiting 30A is fantastic any time of year but there are some benefits specific to visiting 30A in the Fall. Because Labor Day marks the end of the high season (the busiest time of year for tourism,) you’ll find fewer crowds and lower 30A rental rates as well. Even with fewer tourists in the area, the beaches aren’t empty, just less busy than they are during high season.

Summer is peak tourist season on 30A. It’s busy. Maybe not as busy as summer break in Miami or Daytona Beach but, 30A gets a large influx of visitors. If you prefer more space and less people, fall is the way to go. Less waiting in restaurants, easier parking and open beaches are a win all around.

5. Fun Events

If you like festivals and events for the family, fall has it all: Halloween, festive decorations, the annual Turkey Trot in Watercolor, Baytowne Wharf Beer Festival, Seaside’s red wine festival, fishing competitions in Destin and more. Best of all, the monarch butterflies have a huge migration through South Walton on their way to Mexico for winter. The annual Flutterby Festival celebrates this special event and has fun for the whole family: arts, crafts, food, drink, live music, theater and more.

With fall just around the corner, this is the perfect time to plan your 30A vacay. Our 30A luxury rental homes are comfortable home away from homes, offering a prime location: our beloved Emerald Coast and all its beauty.

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