Getting Around 30A

Figuring out your travel arrangements and how to get around once you get there is part of planning a vacation. However you plan on initially arriving to the 30A area, you’ll be relieved to learn that getting around is easy. In fact, you may want to cancel your rental car and embrace the full local experience. These are some of the most walkable, expertly planned communities in the U.S. after all.

Getting around 30A areas like Rosemary Beach and Seaside is easy. Skip the rental car and check out our ideas for the best ways to get around 30A.

August 2, 2019

Figuring out your travel arrangements and how to get around once you get there is part of planning a vacation. However you plan on initially arriving to the 30A area, you’ll be relieved to learn that getting around is easy. In fact, you may want to cancel your rental car and embrace the full local experience. These are some of the most walkable, expertly planned communities in the U.S. after all. Here are our favorite exclusive 30A ways to get around town:

30A Biking

You’ll quickly find that biking is a popular activity along 30A. Breezing along the beach is a great way to burn some calories and soak up delicious Florida sunshine. Thanks to the New Urbanism design of the area, it’s easy to zip from location to location through the network of sidewalks and trails. Most places you’ll need to go are within a reasonable distance. Plus there are some beautiful biking trails to explore. Camp Helen State Park, Grayton Beach, and Timpoochee Trail are all worth taking a look at. Trails are an ideal way to explore the natural, native Florida ecosystems and spend an afternoon in the fresh air. Or just cruise on your bike through town and hop off to shop and dine along the way. Bike rentals are available in multiple locations but many of our 30A cottages come with a set of bikes for ease and enjoyment.

30A Golf Carts

If your group includes small children or you’re just not into the idea of biking, golf carts are a great alternative. You’ll likely see a few carts zipping around the neighborhood during your visit. Join in the fun by renting your own. Our 30A concierge service will help you find a reliable rental company. It’s a speedy way to get around while staying in the shade. Plus you can travel with multiple people and bring along your favorite beach gear with ease. It isn’t often you get the chance to ride around in a golf cart with the family so it’s perfect to set the tone for a memorable, unique vacation. It’ll instantly get you into the local mindset. For convenience and family-friendliness, we give this option an A+.

30A Shuttles

No need to worry about finding parking. Shuttles are a great way to avoid the tourist rush and get right where you want to go. Some of our 30A cottages and luxury rental homes are in communities that offer complimentary shuttle services to take you to the beach or other popular local destinations. In fact, many communities that are a bit farther from the beach than walking distance will offer transportation during peak tourism months. We love recommending the free, local shuttle services. But keep in mind most of these services only run during prime seasons, usually Memorial Day to Labor Day. If you’re planning to visit during off-season, you’ll want to make other arrangements.

Turtle Express

The Sunshine Turtle Express is a great local trolley to ride during your 30A vacay. And it’s totally free! Ride along beautiful highways from Dune Allen to Seaside. With plenty of stops along the way, you’ll get to sample different areas and local flavor. Take a stroll. Enjoy some shopping or fresh seafood. It runs from noon to midnight all summer long. Trolleys have a stop at each location every 20 minutes or so.

Uber, Lyft, and More

Looking to get off the beaten path and explore some less popular areas? If you’re looking to go places the shuttles don’t service or traveling too far for a bike, you can always order a taxi or get picked up in an Uber or Lyft vehicle. You shouldn’t have to wait long—there are plenty of drivers in the area. Late night leaving the bar? No need to worry about making the last shuttle of the day. You can get a ride any time of the night and ensure you have a safe way to get back home.


Looking for a way to reach you daily step goal? Walking along 30A is our go-to for prime location 30A rental homes. There’s nothing better than strolling down the strip at Seaside or Rosemary Beach. Plus the favorable Florida weather lasts the majority of the year so you rarely have to worry about rain. There are many restaurants with glowing reviews and delicious dishes. Plus we love the laid back atmosphere and beach chic vibes here. If your vacation isn’t complete without popping into the local shops, you’ll love a stroll along the strip. From small, local bookstores to home décor that allows you to bring the beach home, there’s something for everyone. Some places can only be visited and experience on foot, after all.

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