8 Reasons to Visit Rosemary Beach, FL

Rosemary Beach is one of Florida’s best vacation destinations. We absolutely love this idyllic beach community. Unlike bustling, party-centric Florida spots like South Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Rosemary Beach still has a small-town feel, even in the middle of their busy tourist season. There are so many reasons to love this unique 30A area but here are 8 of our favorite...

Rosemary Beach is one of Florida’s best vacation destinations. Learn more about this idyllic beach community and why your next vacation should be on 30A's Rosemary Beach, FL.

October 2, 2020

Rosemary Beach is one of Florida’s best vacation destinations. We absolutely love this idyllic beach community. Unlike bustling, party-centric Florida spots like South Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Rosemary Beach still has a small-town feel, even in the middle of their busy tourist season. There are so many reasons to love this unique 30A area but here are 8 of our favorite:

1.     Amazing food

Florida coastal cuisine is amazing and the Gulf coast is home to many exceptional restaurants. Even in the relatively small communities along 30A, there is an assortment of highly-touted fine and casual dining establishments to visit. Rosemary Beach is full of delicious restaurants, many of them boasting this area’s specialty: fresh seafood. Enjoy a delicious date night at Restaurant Paradis, a Contemporary American Seafood restaurant with amazing cocktails and a drool-inducing menu selection. Or visit Edward’s Fine Food and Wine for their famous scallops. We also love Pescado, a pricey but impressive restaurant with a beautiful rooftop bar.

2.     Small town charm

There’s something special about the charming, small-town feeling you experience in Rosemary Beach. In many ways, Rosemary Beach is like a world of its own – somehow separate and set apart from the busy world around it. It feels small and secluded when, in actuality, it’s very easy to access even if you have family or friends traveling to the area from out of state. Located along Florida’s scenic highway 30A, it’s also a relatively short drive from two airports nearby if you need to fly in or out. And Rosemary Beach is right beside a number of equally charming seaside towns like Watercolor, Seaside and Grayton Beach, all unique and worth a visit of their own.

3.     Beaches

 Any list about Rosemary Beach that doesn’t mention the beach would be incomplete! After all, the beautiful beaches may be the number one reason Rosemary Beach is such a fantastic vacation getaway. The water on the Emerald Coast is brilliant, the sand white and smooth and the coastal sand dunes a unique natural feature you can only see in America in this area. No visit is complete without a beach day or a late night moonlit stroll.

4.     Biking

One of the best things about visiting 30A is getting around town. In most situations, you can completely ditch the car and bike around instead. Two wheels are actually the most popular mode of transportation. There are biking paths and trails all over and it’s much easier to find a spot to park your bike than a car. We even wrote a 30A blog article about Getting Around 30A with all the info you need.

5.     Lots of fun things to do

If you think a 30A vacay is just endless days full of lounging on the beach, getting sunburn, then we’ve got news for you. There are tons of fun things to do in this area. From hiking and biking to outdoors excursions like scuba diving, fishing and even cold springs eco-tours, you’ll find something fun for everyone when you’re planning a Rosemary Beach vacation. We’ve written numerous blogs about things to do on your 30A vacation. Check out any of these that interest you:

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6.     Great for groups and families

Whether you’re traveling for a romantic weekend getaway for the two of you or you are bringing the whole gang along, Rosemary Beach is the perfect destination. Multi-generational families love this area because it’s family-friendly, with fun things for the kids to do, but also relaxing for adults. From family bike rides to grilling on the deck, you’ll love spending time making memories along 30A.

7.     Florida weather

We call it “The Sunshine State” for a reason. With fair weather the majority of the year, there’s never really a bad time to visit Rosemary Beach. There are also some world class golf courses nearby golf enthusiasts won’t want to miss.

8.     Florida vibes

One thing we love about Florida is the laid back vibes. The slow, beach pace sets a mood of relaxation. Rosemary Beach doesn’t have the rushed, hustle-bustle of the city so the stage is set for a relaxing nap in a hammock or a good read under a beach umbrella. It’s the best atmosphere to unwind and decompress. Roll down the windows and feel the wind in your hair as you wind along the stunning scenic Highway 30A along Florida’s West Coast and feel your troubles sail away on the Gulf shore breeze.

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