30A State Parks

Your 30A vacation is booked and now it’s time to make a list of things to do, of things to see! First on your list should be a visit to one of the many awe-inspiring state parks along Scenic 30A. From start to finish, the parks along 30A offer some of most visually spectacular landscapes you may ever encounter

Explore these top 4 Florida State Parks along Road 30A, enjoy hiking, boating, fishing, parasailing, kayaking, swimming, diving, and wildlife, and so much more

February 26, 2022

Your 30A vacation is booked and now it’s time to make a list of things to do, of things to see! First on your list should be a visit to one of the many awe-inspiring state parks along Scenic 30A. From start to finish, the parks along 30A offer some of most visually spectacular landscapes you may ever encounter. From rolling dunes, to freshwater lakes, to tranquil trails, alluring beaches and so much more, the parks listed below offers thousands of visits every year the opportunity to commune with the breathtakingly-beautiful nature Florida has to offer…and all at your preferred pace!

With over 161 state parks including 100 miles of beaches and 1,500 miles of multi-use trails, Florida boasts one of the most heavily used park systems in the nation. As part of this preservation system, state parks are a must-see for their stunning scenery as well as a treasure trove of recreational activities such as hiking, boating, fishing, parasailing, kayaking, swimming, diving, and wildlife-watching to mention just a few.  

Here’s our recommended Top 4 State Parks to visit on your 30A vacation:

Eden Gardens State Park

A beautiful park with vast green cover centered around the Wesley House, a Victorian mansion known for its late 18th century French furniture, Eden Gardens State Park is located in Point Washington, in Santa Rosa Beach. Spanning 163 acres, it attracts thousands of visitors each year looking for a relaxing stroll along its ancient moss-draped oak trees and meticulously landscaped grounds featuring ornamental gardens with heritage roses, azaleas, and camellias that stretch out to the Choctawhatchee Bay. The park also features flat and easy trails, a waterfront picnic area, and a fishing dock resting along the Tucker Bayou. It is open 365 days a year.  

Grayton Beach State Park

Venture a bit south from the Eden Gardens State Park and encounter some of most pristine beaches in the United States. This park is a sprawling 2000-acre park with a mile-long stretch of sugar-white sandy beaches - perfect for sunbathers, surfers and swimmers alike - as well as 4 miles of coastal forest trails, a plethora of outdoor experiences such as bicycling, paddling, birding, fishing, swimming, boating, hiking and camping and a variety of accessible amenities to all of its visitors. A veritable paradise that also hosts some of the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets along the Florida Panhandle.  

Deer Lake State Park

Deer Lake State Park is located on Scenic 30A, just east of Seagrove Beach, and is home to one of the few coastal dune lakes occurring in the United States. It’s a serene beachfront state park with minimal amenities, and as a result, the perfect destination for the visitor seeking a more back-to-nature environment. Take a hike along the park’s distinctive quarter-mile boardwalk that extends from the parking lot to the beach as it soars over lush landscapes created by the dunes underneath. It’s a sight to behold! And don’t forget to look down. You may catch a rare sight of the endangered Choctawatchee Beach Mouse, that lives within the expansive dune system.

Camp Helen State Park

If you can’t get enough of the dunes drive further south to Camp Helen State Park, a park bordered by the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Powell, and a 20-minute ride from Panama City. An ecological wonder, Lake Powell is the largest coastal dune lake in Florida and just one of a handful of precious freshwater ecosystems in the world. And because the lake has a channel that runs into the Gulf of Mexico, it’s here where you can find saltwater species alongside salt water species in the equally curious tannin-colored lake water that occurs when salt and fresh water mix together. The lake makes this park an ideal spot for kayakers and paddle-boarders and those interested in a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of busier parks.  

Whether you’re exploring Florida solo, as a couple, or with your family, LovetoStay30A has the perfect cottage or house waiting for you… just a hop, skip and a jump from one or all of these State Park gems. Plan your visit, pack your bags accordingly, and get ready to immerse yourself in the in all that Scenic 30A has to offer.  

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