30A Adventures for Outdoor Enthusiasts

From stunning wooded trails to snorkeling in a refreshing natural spring, you’ll love soaking up sunshine and fresh air while you enjoy unique outdoor experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned eco-tourist or just looking for 30A escapes off the beaten track, we’ve got you covered.

30A is well known for its royal destinations and stunning, powdery white sand but there’s more than just beaches to explore. Discover our list of the top destinations, 30A outdoor adventures and experiences to enjoy in the great outdoors.

March 28, 2019

Florida’s picturesque Highway 30A is well known for its royal destinations and stunning, powdery white sand but there’s more than just beaches to explore. We’ve compiled a list of the top destinations and experiences to enjoy in the great outdoors. From stunning wooded trails to snorkeling in a refreshing natural spring, you’ll love soaking up sunshine and fresh air while you enjoy unique outdoor experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned eco-tourist or just looking for 30A escapes off the beaten track, we’ve got you covered.

Bike Rides Galore

Biking is one of the most popular things to do along 30A. Whether you’re traveling solo, with a loved one, friends or family, biking is a great outdoor activity. There are many options so it’s easy to find the right style to suit your tastes. Bike to the local ice cream shop for an afternoon treat. Cruise the neighborhood and head to the beach. Experience the wonder of nature when you bike the trails at Point Washington State Forest. Immerse yourself in nature and get up close and personal with this area’s flora and fauna.

An exclusive 30A favorite, the 19-mile paved Timpoochee Trail will take you through different areas and towns. Travel through beaches, sand dunes, and the heart of Grayton Beach, Watercolor, and the picture-perfect Central Square in Seaside. Make a stop along the way to enjoy local faire like fresh seafood or an appetizer by the waterside. Along the way you’ll also pass Topsail Hill Preserve which offers miles of additional hiking trails.

Check out Emerald Coast Pedal Tours for a bike ride unlike any other. This exclusive 30A experience is the one and only party bike in the area. Perfect for a girl’s night out, bachelor party, team building, and birthday celebrations, you can cruise the town with your group, stopping at local bars along the way. Not able to gather a group? No problem. Join a public party bike tour pedaling from bar to bar for only $28 a seat.

Beachside Vibes

No 30A vacay list is complete without a visit to the beach! There’s a reason why people travel from around the world to sink their toes into the soft sand here. While beach activities such as taking a swim, playing volleyball, building sandcastles, and collecting seashells are all time-honored favorites, there are easy ways to enhance your visit and shake things up. One easy solution is renting a paddle board or kayak. Check out Butterfly Bike & Kayak for all that and more like scooters, golf carts and bikes.

Enjoy a morning run along the beach and catch the sunrise. There’s nothing like the quiet, open expanse of the sea in the morning. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy a peaceful and empty beach before the crowds arrive. Interested in some beach yoga? There are private instructors or inquire with your 30A cottages and concierge provider about local offerings near you.

Water Adventures

Sure, the beach is great for paddle boarding, swimming, jogging, and yoga but sometimes you have to get off the shore and out into the deep blue expanses of the water. Turn your 30A vacay into a fishing adventure with the help of Captain Ted of 30Angler Fishing Charters. A long-time local, he knows all the best to get you catching fish in no time at all.

If you’re searching for the perfect eco-tour, check out Coldwater Excursions. Not only does this company offer beach rentals, they also have the best guided eco-tours along 30A. Explore Holmes Creek and the coastal Dune Lakes to get inspired by nature and ecology. There’s something for everyone to enjoy like kayaking through crystal clear waters, snorkeling in a natural spring, or diving deep with an underwater scooter.

Hit the Trail

The trails through Point Washington State Forest aren’t just great for biking. You’ll love hiking through 10 different ecological communities. Start with the Longleaf Pine Trail. You can continue onto other trail loops if you wish you extend your trek or just keep to the short, well-marked paths for a quick trip. Looking to travel in a different style? Arnett’s Gulfside Farm & Stables offers trail rides. Ride astride a beautiful horse as you discover this 20-acre horse ranch, just half a mile from the Gulf of Mexico. The farm adjoins the Point Washington State Forest so you’ll experience the best of both worlds.

Challenges, Challenges

The best outdoor experiences happen when exercise and fun combine into something unique and exciting. If you’re traveling with family or friends, don’t miss Baytowne Adventure Zone where you can zip line, bounce, climb, and navigate ropes courses. There’s a challenge for everyone to enjoy. Another one-of-a-kind experience is building next level sand castles together. Challenge each other or work as a team with Sand Odyssey. They offer sandcastle lessons, sand sculptures, and corporate team building events. Professional carvers bring all the tools and help you create your ultimate castle design.

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